On the 26th of December, 2012, the Mille Lacs Messenger, a Minnesota county newspaper, published the following letter of mine.

Agenda 21

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

In response to Brett Larson's recent column about the United Nations Agenda 21 programme I would like to say: This agenda for the 21st Century was signed by 179 nations at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Among other things, it called for a Global Biodiversity Assessment of the state of the planet. Prepared by the UN Environmental Programme, this GBA gave UN leaders the information and science they needed to further develop their global management system.

Its environmental crisis predictions justified their mission to [bring about] a major reduction of the earth's human population, major lifestyle regulations for industrial civilization's middle class people, and the establishment of a new world religion, an eco-religion - a religion that will be an earth-centered syncretistic blend of the world's religions.

Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragan, a world renowned theologian, called the UN lead global ethic movement, a movement that is a part of Agenda 21, an "eco-religion". He said it manifests itself "as a new spirituality that supplants all religions, because the latter have been unable to preserve the ecosystem."

The GBA concluded on page 763 that "the root causes of the loss of biodiversity are embedded in the way societies use resources." The main culprit being the world view of societies based on Biblical scriptures. "This world view is characteristic of large scale societies, heavily dependent on resources brought from considerable distances. It is a world view that is characterized by the denial of sacred attributes in nature, a characteristic that became firmly established about 2000 years ago with the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious traditions." The document also states that the "Eastern cultures with religious traditions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism did not depart as drastically" from healthy environmental values, including a self-sustaining respect and reverence for nature.

The earth centered religions include the aboriginal religions of the Western hemisphere and African, reconstructed versions of pre-Christian European pagan religions, and the beliefs of an occasional world renowned so-called "Catholic heretic" like the theologian Rev. Matthew Fox, a person who has given his support for some of my global initiatives.

The earth centered religions are the spiritual wing of the UN lead New Age environmental movement. They worship the Great Spirit and look on the Earth and its biosphere as a living being to be celebrated and almost worshipped. They believe that mankind's proper mission is to learn to live in harmony with the Earth and its life forms, rather than to dominate them.

Putting an end to the current international system that subjugates and dehumanizes aboriginal peoples, which includes a central foundation part of our USA system, is a big part of the UN leaders' global management agenda for the 21 Century.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

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