A Critique Of The Article: Pierre Teilhard De Chardin: Father Of The New Age Movement

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

The author of the article that I critique in the article below presents an introductory paragraph to his article. It reads: The aim of the article below is to, hopefully, highlight just a few of the connections between the Vatican, the New Age movement, the United Nations and the wider New World Order agenda by taking a look at palaeontologist and French Jesuit, Catholic, priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

I found the article mentioned in the title of this article on the first page of Google's list of articles under "New Age/New World Order." The article is located here. I also found one of my articles about this topic on the first page.

I have researched the New Age movement for many years and have found that most individual Christian authors as well as Christian organizations that write and produce videos about this topic, and who are suppose to be experts on it, almost totally get it wrong.

Like most other Christian authors who write about this topic, the author of the article "Pierre Teilhard De Chardin: Father Of The New Age Movement" got it wrong when he ("Harry J") wrote that New Agers are pantheists; meaning they believe that God is only in the universe/cosmos/creation and manifests as the creation.

Most Christian authors, organizations and councils that have written about the New Age - including, jointly, two pontifical councils - wrongly state that New Agers worship the creation/cosmos or the earth. We do not worship the creation/cosmos, nor do we worship the earth. We believe that God is both transcendent and immanent and that the creation/cosmos is not suppose to be worshipped. We also believe that nether is the earth itself suppose to be worshipped.

And we believe that only the transcendent aspect of God is to be worshipped. Therefore, in respect to who we worship, we believe solely in a transcendent God. I present evidence of this fact in two comments of mine that are posted on Harry J's article. My two comments (#17 and 18) are also presented below.

The PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR CULTURE and PONTIFICAL COUNCIL FOR INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE are the two "pontifical councils" that have written a joint document about the New Age. In their document entitled "Jesus Christ, the bearer of the Water of Life" they incorrectly state that for New Agers "God is no longer to be sought beyond the world..." and that "'Gaia', Mother Earth, is offered as an alternative to God the Father."...and that "the God of which New Age speaks is...not transcendent...but immanent in the world."...and that the New Age God is the "spirit or soul of the world [the world soul], the sum total of consciousness existing in the world." [ref. ...God?]

New Agers believe in the "world soul," but we do not worship it. We only worship the true, ultimate and transcendent God, who is beyond the world, and who is the ultimate source or Creator of the universe. To find evidence of this fact read the New Age leaders' statements below. Because the pontifical councils are caught up in a religious delusion they consequently cannot see the simple truth when it is clearly presented to them.

When writing about the "pantheist aspect of Christianity," Chardin wrote: “How does He (God) unify it [or, bring His creation to completion, to the "Omega point"]? By partially immersing himself in things [remaining a transcendent God, but also now immanent in the world, with an identity of being the world soul and living in a state of existence that is a little lower than the divine realm], by becoming ‘element’, and then, from this point of vantage in the heart of matter [the world soul is now manifesting itself as the cosmos], assuming the control and leadership of what we now call evolution.”

In his article, Harry J. uses, both, commonly misunderstood (by Christians) aspects of Chardin's theology on the "pantheist aspect of Christianity," plus the commonly misunderstood (by Christians) theology behind the name of a publishing company that was co-founded by Alice Bailey, a founder of the New Age movement - a company named Lucis publishing company, originally named Lucifer publishing company - to erroneously make his case that the New Age religion is a pantheistic religion and that New Agers follow Lucifer, the "devil or Satan." (Bailey also co-founded the New Age organization named Lucis Trust.)

In his article, Harry J. also wrote, as do most other Christian authors who write about the New Age movement, that Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891), the "Mother of the New Age movement," was a "Luciferian," and that this means that she followed the devil or Satan. However, this is not true, Blavatsky believed that according to the Bible, Lucifer (the term is mentioned only once in the Bible) was not the devil or Satan, but "our Mind Principle , our individual self-consciousness and spark of intelligence," a "divinely emanated" ('created') supramind intuition faculty that was divinely placed in us, and "awakened" long ago, "separating us from animals," and enabling us, as well as helping us to attain oneness with Spirit (God) beyond the world.

In Revelation 22:16 Jesus said that he is the “morning star” (Venus - "bright star"\Lucifer - a Latin name for Venus\ Lightbearer: the "divinely emanated" and "awakened Mind Principle" in us), the gateway (or "bright star" way) to our oneness with Spirit. We are grateful for this Luciferian Mind Principle, honor it, and recognize it (Jesus - "bright star" as the gateway to our Self-realization.

My two comments on Harry J. article present evidence that proves that his article is very deceptive.

My two comments read:

#17. Thomas Dahlheimer said...

Helena Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age movement, wrote: “It is quite true that the origin of every religion is based on the dual powers, male and female, of abstract Nature, but these in their turn were the radiations or emanations of the sexless, infinite, absolute Principle, the only One to be worshipped in spirit and not with rites;...'' (HPB, “Buddhism, Christianity and Phallicism” from “H.P. Blavatsky Theosophical Articles” Vol. 3, p. 33 and HPB Pamphlet #34 “Theosophy and the Western Mind”)

Blavatsky also wrote: “The infinite cannot associate with the finite; the unconditioned ignores the conditioned and the limited. The absolute “Intelligence-Wisdom” cannot act in the restricted space of a small globe." (HPB, “Misconceptions” from “Theosophy: Some Rare Perspectives” p. 21)

Blavatsky also wrote: “That which is infinite and unconditioned can have no form,.." [The cosmos and earth have form.] ... [New Agers do not worship the earth nor do they worship the cosmos (or the creation).] (HPB, “The Key to Theosophy” p. 107)

Blavatsky and Bailey believed that Lucifer was not the devil or Satan and that the Christians who claim that Lucifer is the devil actually have no Biblical basis or authority for such a belief. For more on this topic go to: https://blavatskytheosophy.com/lucifer-the-lightbringer/

February 4, 2017 at 9:59 PM

#18. Thomas Dahlheimer said...

When writing about the New Age, Pope John Paul II wrote: "It is only a new way of practicing Gnosticism..."

Stephan A. Hoelier, a Gnostic Bishop wrote: In the Gnostic view, there is a true, ultimate and transcendent God, who is beyond all created universes and who never created anything in the sense in which the word “create” is ordinarily understood. While this True God did not fashion or create anything, He (or, It) “emanated” or brought forth from within Himself the substance of all there is in all the worlds, visible and invisible. In a certain sense, it may therefore be true to say that all is God, for all consists of the substance of God. By the same token, it must also be recognized that many portions of the original divine essence have been projected so far from their source that they underwent unwholesome changes in the process. To worship the cosmos, or nature, or embodied creatures is thus tantamount to worshipping alienated and corrupt portions of the emanated divine essence.

Chardin proposed to "narrow that gap between pantheism and Christianity by bringing out what one might call the Christian soul of Pantheism or the pantheist aspect of Christianity." [Chardin's "pantheist aspect of Christianity" is similar to, or the same as, Gnostic Bishop Hoeleir's pantheist aspect of Gnosticism.

David Spangler, a leading figure of the New Age movement, wrote: This world soul is usually conceived as a "formative force," an active, intelligent, purposeful spiritual presence at work in the material world to guide and guard the course of planetary evolution. It is generally not accorded the status of being the ultimate source or Creator [the transcendent God beyond the universe], but might be looked upon as a great angelic or archangelic being presiding over the well being of the world, or as the gestalt, the wholeness of all the lives and patterns that manifest upon, and as, the earth. [That which is in the material world and manifesting as the material world is not worshipped.]

I believe in Sri Yukteswar's teaching - as presented in Paramahansa Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi: "Jesus meant, never that he was the sole Son of God, but that no man can attain the unqualified Absolute, the transcendent Father beyond creation, until he has first manifested the 'Son' or activating Christ Consciousness within creation."

Chardin wrote: "I can be saved only by becoming one with the universe."

We have to first become one with the finite universe, or, go through the universe, before we can become one with the "transcendent Father beyond creation."

The New Age website Lusis Trust says: Religion in the new age must be based on truths which are universally accepted. These are: 1. The fact of God, both transcendent and immanent. Today we have a rapidly growing emphasis upon God immanent in every human being and in every created form. Today, we should have the churches presenting a synthesis of these two ideas...God transcendent, out side His creation, an Onlooker and God immanent.

February 5, 2017 at 2:14 PM

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