The Perfect Man

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN) is the world's largest Indian news source. A columnist for ICTMN, Peter D'errico, recently wrote an article titled Christian Colonialism Challenged in Smart, Provocative Book. It was published on August 9, 2014. ICTM posted three comments to the article. The first comment is mine. It has 375 words. D'errico's article and my comment are located
and below

An excerpt from D'errico's article:

The "God of Abraham" is a colonial god. His mandate to Abraham is to leave home and invade another people's land—Canaan. The three religions that hark back to the Biblical story of the Family of Abraham—Jews, Muslims, and Christians—have become a large dysfunctional family. Each branch wars with the others; each claims for itself the divine mandate and covenant. The world is caught in their crossfire.

My ICTMN comment:

There is a large "Christian" movement whose participants are disassociating themselves with the "God of Abraham," an evil colonial god. The ex-Catholic priest and world renowned eco-theologian, Reverend Matthew Fox, promotes a somewhat New Age/Hindu-Buddhist/Sufi Islam/indigenous people eco-spirituality expression of "Christianity". Fox is one of the leaders of the creation-centered spirituality movement and he believes that his expression of "Christianity" will radically transform Christendom, so that it becomes a new faith that will unite humanity and resantify Mother Earth.

Rev. Matthew Fox

I am an indigenous peoples' rights activists who corresponds and receives support from world renowned Indigenous activists. And like Fox, I am also an eco-theologian. In 1983 I met and had a hour-long conversation with Matthew Fox. He recently gave his support for an indigenous people's rights activist initiative of mine. And a link to an article of mine titled Catholicism vs. New Age/Creation Spirituality: Fr. Mitch Pacwa vs. Matthew Fox is displayed on the first page of Google's link-listings under "Reverend Matthew Fox."

The article presents scientific evidence the reveals the truth that some bible scriptures are not the "inspired word of God," or, in other words, they do not reveal the truth and are deceptive. And that their source is either human or an evil supernatural entity. I believe that evidence indicates that their source is an evil supernatural entity who deceptively presented itself as God to the scripture writing "prophets." The article that I am referring to presents scientific evidence that reveals that even the thesis of the bible is a hoax.

The God inspired scripture Ephesians 4:11-12 says the five-fold ministry of the church - apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers - would last until the coming of the perfect man. I believe that the apostolic church, the Roman Catholic Church, is, at this present time, giving birth to the perfect man. Once it gives birth it will die - or come to an end.

Alice Baily (1880 –1949) was a great prophetess of the New Age movement. She prophesied that when the New Age movement sufficiently infiltrated the Christian church it would radically transform the church, old scientifically out-dated dogmas would then be eliminated and the new church would then usher in the New Age, or "Kingdom of God.


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