Initiating A Movement At Mille Lacs To Set Colonized/Subjugated Native Peoples Free

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

Indian Country Media Network (ICMN), the world's largest Native news source, recently posted a 240 word comment of mine on a June 28, 2017, article by columnist Steven Newcomb (Shawnee / Lenape). The article is entitled The Mind of the White Man is the Origin of US Federal Indian ‘Law’.

Mr. Newcomb is on the cutting edge of the global movement to set indigenous peoples free from their subjugated state of existence. The indigenous peoples' subjugated state of existence is still being imposed on them by the White Man's implementation of a colonial, and early post-colonial, international legal construct known as the Doctrine of Discovery (DoD). Newcomb is one of the world's most renowned experts on the DoD and its impact on indigenous peoples.

ICMN generally posts one or two comments on its articles. My comment on this article by Newcomb is the second comment of two comments posted. It presents a statement from a Mille Lacs Messenger newspaper letter by Sue Layback about the DoD, as well as some information from my online article Fighting Racism Against Natives In Mille Lacs County, MN. This article's title, a link to it and a map highlighting Mille Lacs County is posted here on the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community's Facebook site. ICMN has posted several of my Mille Lacs Messenger letters on articles by Newcomb.

Over two decades ago, I prophesied that the Mille Lacs area would eventually be where the activists on the cutting edge of the global movement to set indigenous peoples free from their subjugated state of existence would be centered, and that from this area these activists would be successful at accomplishing this goal. Today, I believe, even more so than in the past, that this prophesy of mine will be fulfilled.

My comment on Newcomb's June 28, 2017, ICMN article reads:

There is one Lakota/Dakota creation story that says the people sprang into existence “about the lakes at the head of the Rum (Wakan) River.” These lakes are located in the Mille Lacs area of Minnesota. Many years ago, I prophesied that the exiled Dakota people would return to Mille Lacs and regain a portion of this sacred traditional/ancestral homeland of theirs.

Not long after the publication of my Mille Lacs area newspaper letter about the Doctrine of Discovery two other related Mille Lacs Messenger letters were published. They were written by prominent residents of the Mille Lacs area. A statement in one of the letters reads:

"Last fall at the [Evangelical Lutheran Church] churchwide assembly in New Orleans, and this spring at our local assembly, resolutions were passed repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery. This doctrine was a force that pervaded this country and Europe, paving the way for mass entry into this land and the removal of Native peoples with little regard for their rights as human beings. The honest remorse-filled rejection, at last, of this doctrine of thought and action, is long overdue. I am grateful to be part of it. Repudiating the doctrine of discovery is just one step in the journey towards healing and reconciliation, but a vital one.”

“May we here at Mille Lacs enter into similar dialogue. May we find ways to acknowledge our brokenness and the forces that have led us into divisiveness. It can be done."

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