A selective comment of mine, a comment posted on an Indian Country Today Media Network article, is presented in the following letter to the editor.

On January 21, 2015, the Mille Lacs Messenger, a Minnesota county newspaper, published the following letter of mine. The letter can also be found on the Messenger's website.

Thomas Dahlheimer

Christian Doctrine

Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN), the world's largest Indian news source, recently posted another selective comment of mine. The comment is posted on an article titled, Congress' Christmas Gift for the Rio Tinto Mining Company . Its author is Steven Newcomb, an Indian activist who is one of the leaders of the global movement to set indigenous peoples free from their subjugated state of existence, which was imposed upon them by the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, a doctrine based on 15th century Papal Bulls.

The Doctrine gave Christian explorers the right to claim lands they "discovered" and lay claim to those lands for their Christian Monarchs. The doctrine has been primarily used to support decisions invalidating or ignoring aboriginal possession of land in favor of colonial or post-colonial governments. The way of thinking that produced the Doctrine was that Christians enjoyed a moral and legal right based solely on their religious identity to invade and seize indigenous heathen lands and to dominate Indigenous Peoples.

The World Council of Churches, the U.S. Episcopal Church and the U.S. Methodist Church have repudiated the Doctrine. However, the Pope's representatives at the United Nations have been trying to
cover up this horrendous sin. In the wake of the attacks in France, Pope Francis said: "Religious fundamentalism, even before it eliminates human beings by perpetrating horrendous killings, eliminates God himself, turning him into a mere ideological pretext." Really, fundamentalists claim they are obeying "God" when they commit horrible atrocities, and they quote scriptures to prove their case. Historically, this is a common occurrence amongst the people of the three Abrahamic religions.

My ICTMN comment reads: "In piqua's post he (Newcomb) mentions that he believes that the Bible's Old Testament scripture [Psalms 2:8] provides the way of thinking (for the Christian Doctrine of Discovery): "Ask of me ['the deity of the Old Testament'] and I shall give to you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession." If the source of this scripture is the supernatural entity whom this nation's Euro-American Christians believe in and serve (and I believe that it is), then separating these Euro-Americans from their evil supernatural "God" is the solution to the problem."

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

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