More News: On Aug. 12, 2016, I sent a family letter to my uncles and aunt of the Mr. & Mrs. I.C. Rainbow family. Along with the letter I enclosed a print out of the above material. In the letter I wrote: "From since the early 1970s to this current time, I have been prophesying consistently that our family name, the Rainbow family, was providentially given to us as a divine sign related to a very important global mission of ours."

A sentence in my (linked to) above introductory article reads: "During the 1983 Rainbow family reunion my Uncle Don Rainbow, after talking with me about my mission to retribalize the world, which included (and still includes) my goal to tribalize the I. C. Rainbow family, he addressed the seventeen families gathered together at the reunion and said: "A rainbow is a sign of God's salvation plan and I believe that we may be used to glorify God more than any other family in the world."

Wahkon, MN. is where I live and I have been prophesying for many years that it is where the I. C. Rainbow family will come together in kinship tribalism. An hour or so after I sent (from Wahkon) the Aug. 12, 2016 letter to my Rainbow family uncles and aunt a rainbow appeared in the sky above the City of Wahkon. I took a few videos and several pictures of the rainbow. I believe that the appearance of this rainbow was a divine sign confirming my mission

Wahkon rainbow

View another video of this same rainbow here. View a picture of this rainbow here

Some More News: On August 26, 2016, ICTMN published an article by Chief Arvol Looking Horse entitled Important Message from Keeper of Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe. Chief Looking Horse is widely recognized as the chief and spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota nations. He is also a world-renowned Indian/Indigenous activist. He is a guest columnist for ICTMN and his prayers have opened numerous sessions of the United Nations. He is working to spiritually unite the global community within a new eco-spirituality movement happening within religions all over the world to save Mother Earth's life supporting ecosystem from its current in crisis and dying predicament, and is doing so, by inspiring the world community to honor and protect Sacred Sites around the world. This article of his has three comments posted on it. My comment is the second comment. It reads:

In the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community's letter of support for the effort to change the faulty-English translation name, a profane name, for a Minnesota river [the Rum River] and in doing so help protect this sacred Dakota site, Jim Anderson wrote: "I believe that renaming the river 'Wakpa Wakan' or 'Spirit River' is a great stride in mending the circle that we share with all four colors of man. ..." I, Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer, am the co-founder and director of Rum River Name-Change Organization, Inc.. The movement to change this river's name has local, national and international support. I am also working to bring about a spiritually united global community so that sacred sites will be protected. My website is located at

Some More News: On Aug. 16, 2016, Indian Country Today Media Network posted a 332 word comment of mine on an 8/14/16 article by Steven Newcomb. The article is entitled 'The New Trail of Tears' Is a Neo-Liberal Recipe for Our Assimilation. There are seven comments posted on the article. My comment is the fifth comment. It presents, both, an introduction to the above "More news" statement as well as the statement. Also, an Aug. 17, 2016, article of mine entitled The New Age Retribalization Of The World Movement includes, both, my 332 word ICTMN comment and the following two paragraphs about my Rainbow Family Mission.

The world renowned visionary Daniel Quinn is promoting a revival of the retribalization of the world movement of the 1960s New Age countercultural revolution. His website receives 20,000 hit's a day. On the back cover of his book Beyond Civilization a review statement reads "The retribalization of the world: what a extraordinary possibility!" When referring to lyrics by Bob Dyan, Quinn wrote: "Why things didn't end up changin." He also wrote: "This time it'll be different." A few years ago an article of mine entitled My Mission To Retribalize The World was posted on Quinn's facebook site.

In the late 1960s, one of the leaders of the revolution, Richard Carter, and I, along with some other members of the Mr. & Mrs. I. C. Rainbow family, my extended maternal kinship family, traveled, together, to Wahkon, Minnesota to potentially establish a Rainbow family, kinship tribal community. I am now trying again to accomplish the goal of the original plan, "this time it will be different," the Rainbow family community will be established so that it can lead this peaceful revolution to victory.

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