New Age Panentheism

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

It appears to me that the whole world is moving toward the acceptance and practice of a One World Religion that will be similar to the Lakota religion.

"Wakan-Tanka is the essential concept of Lakota religion and is the life-giving force which sustains all being. Everything is seen as partaking of a sacred relationship which is born from the oneness of creation which is a manifestation of Wakan-Tanka. All things come and return to Wakan-Tanka who is all in the universe yet above all, transcending all."

The Lakota person who wrote the above statement said: "Some of my white brothers have said 'You worship the sun.' No, we worship the same almighty God you worship. The sun, Wiwang wacipi, we look at the sun, we gaze at the sun, we admire His work, we thank Him for what He has done for us . . the many things that the Grandfather (WakanTanka ) has done for us."

According to this quoted (above) Lakota person, the Lakota religion is a particular type of pan[en]theism, or a pan[en]theistic religion that believes that God is, both, transcendent and immanent, and that He is pantheistically immanent, and that He is only highly regarded and honored (not worshiped) in both His pantheistic manifestation as the entire creation and also in His polytheistic manifestation as the sun.

Reverend Matthew Fox is an internationally acclaimed theologian and activist who promotes a type of pan[en]theism that believes that God is, both, transcendent and immanent, and that He is pantheistically immanent. When talking about the current pope in a recent interview, Fox said that the previous two popes called his work "dangerous and devious," but that Pope Francis "is plagiarizing it," suggesting that the Roman Catholic Church is now indirectly following his lead.

Rev. Fox wrote: He [Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), a famous Roman Catholic theologian] observes that apostles and prophets praise God in the Scriptures in this way:

As the Cause of all things, as good, as beautiful; as wise; as beloved; as God of gods; as holy of holies; as eternal; as wisdom; as reason; as justice; as virtue; as in spirits, as in bodies, as in heaven and on earth, at the same time in the same place, in the world, involved in the world, above the world, supercelestial or above the heavens, supersubstantial; as the sun, as a star; fire; water; air; and dew; as cloud; stone; rock and all the other beings attributed to God as cause. And the Divine One is none of these beings insofar as God surpasses all things.

There are two types of pan[en]theism that view God as being pantheistically immanent in the world. One type worships the creation and the other type only respectfully honors the creation. Those who practice the New Age type of pan[en]theism respectfully honor the creation.

Robert Muller (1923-2010) was once the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and was called the "Philosopher" and "Prophet of Hope" of this world-unifying organization. Muller's vision for the world is still being promote at the United Nations. Muller was a disciple of the New Age prophetess Alice Bailey, and Bailey was a disciple of Helena Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age Movement.

I am promoting the New Age type of pan[en]theism. In her 1983 #1 best-selling book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow Constance Cumbey offered the first major criticism of the New Age movement from a Christian perspective. She has also discussed the contents of this book of hers on the EWTN global Catholic TV network. I occasionally correspond with her and often post on her blog. I believe that I am in the prophetic forefront of the movement that is promoting New Age pan[en]theism for the entire world.

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