Solving The Mystery of God, Life and the Universe: Summing It All Up

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

In the beginning, God emanated a part of Himself from out of the center of His heart. This emanated part of God was given an individual identity and a free will. This entity with a free will was essentially a single divine Being, or the Son of God the Father. And the Son was One in Being with the Father. When the Son's emanated existence took place, God the Father created light for His Son to live in. The Son and the light that He lived in were, together, a Spiritual Universe.

The Son was essentially One Single Divine Consciousness/Being who had billions of traces of individual identities that were a part of Himself. We were the emanated divine Son and we each had a trace of a separate individual identity. Then the Son, or we together as essentially One Being, committed original sin, which caused the light of the Spiritual Universe to become manifested as matter.

After a long time, the physical universe produced life in physical form, and the evolution of life on earth eventually produced bodies for some of the emanated Son's traces of individual entities to begin their life on earth as individuals - individuals who were, because of original sin, totally unaware of their original awareness of being the Divine Son of God.

From my New Age perspective, I believe that for everyone who is not already enlightened the central spiritual goal in life should be to, first, become once again aware of being the emanated divine Son, or one with the Christ Consciousness that permeates the universe,...and then, ultimately, go beyond the Christ Consciousness in the universe and become united/one with God the Father in Heaven. I believe that when we are united with our Father in Heaven we will be where we were before we became the emanated divine Son and then separated individuals.


“Jesus meant, never that he was the sole Son of God, but that no man can obtain the unqualified Absolute, the transcendent Father beyond creation, until he has first manifested the ‘Son’ or activating Christ Consciousness within creation” - Swami Sri Yukteswar

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My related 11/19/2017 post on Constance Cumbey's blog:

Jesus's Father in Heaven created pure light before the world began and around this same time He also emanated/"created" the Old Testament God, who, in turn, sinned, which caused, both, the Old Testament God to lose his divine status and most of God the Father's pure light to become corrupted, which caused it to manifest as matter or the material universe.

Wikipedia: Manichaeism [an ancient Gnostic sect] taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness. Through an ongoing process that takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light, whence it came.

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