Tribal Peoples In The New Age

By Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

There is an on-line booklet that is the antithesis of an article of mine about my indigenous peoples' rights activist work and related New Age globalization mission. The article is titled A Tribal Cultures' Influenced New Age Globalization Mission. The booklet's title is Indigenous Peoples In The New Age. Its author is Wendy B. Howard. This booklet elaborates on the work of the world renowned Rev. Matthew Fox, who freely employs New Age ideas. The following extracts from the booklet, along with a few notes of mine, present my summary of the booklet.

Extracts from the booklet 'Indigenous Peoples in the New Age'

The article, "Spirit of the Earth", by Dr. Ralph Locke, shows clearly the SPIRITUAL DIRECTION and the UTTER CONFUSION which is marking this "New Age" or "Aquarian Age". Multitudes of well educated, professional and outstanding people in the world's eyes, are going back to the religions of the tribes. Not only are these leaders in the sciences, education and even business, adopting the beliefs of Hindus, Buddhists and the like, but they are entranced by NATIVE BELIEFS of other cultures.


The rise of the New Age New World Order as a ruling world dictatorship has reached a climax! The huge part that the Tribal peoples of the globe are expected to play in a massive take over of the world, must be addressed...

Matthew Fox, [apostate Catholic Priest] director of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality, in California, one of the top leaders in this New World take-over, has much to say about the relation between 'Mother Earth' and native religions.

Fox writes of the New Age New World Order beliefs about 'Mother Earth' and the religions of the tribal peoples in his book, 'The Coming of the Cosmic Christ'.

1. What is this "New Age New World Order?

It is a HIDDEN worldwide coming together of occult, pagan beliefs which has almost established a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, A ONE WORLD CHURCH AND A ONE WORLD ECONOMY.

The networks of this ORDER number in the tens of thousands, but the main organization which seeks to bring about a ONE WORLD is the UNITED NATIONS. The New World Order is not just political it is a NEW AGE RELIGION!

2. What is happening through the United Nations?

(a) The United Nations intends to draw all the pagan religions together in order to form a ONE WORLD CHURCH under a ONE WORLD LEADER. False 'Christianity' is involved in this.

Note: Here's a link to an article of mine on this "ONE WORLD CHURCH (false 'Christianity')" topic. The Latter Rain "Christian"/ New Age Movement.

(b) The United Nations, and other New Age organizations, see the Earth as divine, a Goddess, who they call "Gaia, Mother Earth". This is why the reverence of nature, and the call to "Save the Earth" is so strong today.

The DEEP ECOLOGY beliefs of these Gaia people are very mystical indeed.

SACRED ROCKS, MOUNTAINS AND RIVERS and so on, are all now seen by the worshippers of Gaia, the Earth Mother, as being very valuable and as pinpointing to the very survival of the planet!

Note: The so-called "worshipers of Gaia" do not worship Gaia. A New Age leader has compared Gaia with the Roman Catholic's "Mother Mary", the mother of Jesus Christ. And "Mother Mary" is not worshiped by Catholics. View more on this topic...

3. How is the ORDER bringing about World Domination to enslave all nations?

(a) Every nation will lose its nationhood in order to form a ONE WORLD.

(b) All money will be changed into world currency.

(c) Every person on the globe will be expected to have ONE MIND, that is to agree on NEW AGE BELIEFS.

(d) The whole world is going to be GLOBALLY EDUCATED (not just the children, everyone) into occult, pagan beliefs and practices. This has already started in Australia.

(e) Those who resist will eventually be killed off. These people intend also to reduce the population of the earth by 2 -3 billion people anyway, in order to make "Mother Earth" less burdened.

(f) Everyone will be expected to honor and reverence THE EARTH AS DIVINE (AS GOD).

Note: Hindus and New Agers believe that the Earth is a somewhat corrupt outward manifestation of God. It is "Divine", but not worthy of our worship. Only God's [Spirit], which is eternal and totally pure is worthy of worship.

(g) "Peace Creating" forces of the United Nations are even now bringing societies into bondage to the ORDER.


The tribal people are very much desired in this New Age, why? Because they already have religious beliefs which are naturalistic, spiritualistic and are earth centered in worship. The tribal people's demonic beliefs will aid the ORDER in its take over of the world. So the United Nations and other New Agers are glorifying, glamorizing and pushing the tribal beliefs, all across the world.


Not at all! New Age whites, as well as the coloureds, are very excited about TRIBAL RELIGIONS, and millions of people on the earth see the return to TRIBAL BELIEFS and PRACTICES as being the only way to restore the Earth to health. These Gaia people want to bring back sacrifice to the earth, sacred ecology worship and PANTHEISM, for every person. What is PANTHEISM? The belief in an impersonal source or force in nature, which is called "God". IT is seen as an energy of life, IT is not our Father in Heaven, IT is in all living things, therefore ALL IS ALSO "GOD". You are supposed to be "GOD" all people are "GOD".

Note: Most of the tribal religions have elements of both pantheism and panentheism. Gaia people do not worship "sacred ecology", nor do they believe exclusively in pantheism. New Agers believe that all enlightened people are of One Divine Mind and are the collective personality of God our Father in Heaven, who is, both, collectively personal and "an energy of life", in Nature, on Earth and in Heaven.


A part copy of these rights is located at EXTRACT FROM "WISDOM OF THE ELDERS" .

These rights seem so good! They present the TRIBAL PEOPLE as the FIRST PEOPLES of the earth. But, things are not as they seem in this declaration. These "rights" will actually CEMENT the indigenous peoples in demonic traditional religions! They will not be allowed free access to the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the liberating truths of God's Word.

The territorial, demonic nature spirits are being supported, entrenched and empowered by the occult New Age political world leaders, through the esoteric United Nations organization.

'International co - operation' is being amalgamated against Christian action to set free the Demonically enslaved indigenous people of the globe.

'State measures' to prevent "any interference with or encroachment upon these rights", which means that the international laws will forbid the spread of the Good News of Christ Jesus' death on the cross for the indigenous peoples of the world.

No. 1.

If the white Christians insist that the tribal religions are evil, demonic, pagan, enslaving to spirits and not of the true God they will be branded as "racist", "bigoted". The God of the Bible is considered to be, in this New Age, the GOD of the imagination of the WHITE RACES.

No WHITE PERSON OR PERSONS can really protest against all this glamorizing of, and honoring of, the indigenous people's pagan beliefs.

No. 2.

The white New Agers are very open to all this deity in the tribal religions...The pagan religions seem to this sad generation an escape back into paradise, a return even to a sort of Garden of Eden.

No. 3


Prince Charles of Great Britain has written a foreword to the book "Save the Earth" by Jonathan Porritt . (published by Angus & Robertson for "Friends of the Earth").

In it the Prince writes:

"Our ancestors may not have developed a sophisticated technology, but their insight into the hidden, unconscious aspects of the laws of nature were simple and profound and in one sense more sophisticated than our own".

Prince goes on to blame the environmental problems of the planet ON CHRISTIANS, and the teaching of THE BIBLE: He writes:

"In Western terms, one of the underlying factors which may have contributed to the desire to dominate nature, rather than live in harmony with it on a sustainable basis, is to be found in the Book of Genesis where it records that "God said unto man, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth and SUBDUE it: AND HAVE DOMINION OVER THE FISH OF THE SEA AND OVER THE FOWL OF THE AIR AND OVER EVERY LIVING THING THAT MOVETH UPON THE EARTH."

"To me, that Old Testament story has provided Western man, accompanied by his Judeo Christian heritage, with an overbearing and domineering attitude towards God's creation ... a feeling that the world is somehow entirely man's to dispose of - as income rather than capital asset which needs husbanding."

In this last quote, the Prince tells the reader that because the Bible passages in the book of Genesis were actually believed, then this has contributed to a misuse of the planet, with greed and squandering of resources and ruin from poor farming and poor industrial action which brings harm to the environment, BEING BLAMED ON THE BIBLE TEACHING.

Can you see how even this world figure, the heir to the throne of Great Britain, has developed pagan ecology beliefs, and anti-Christian ideas about "Mother Earth"?

Many, many others in high places in this earth also follow these ecology beliefs.

There are many "Networks" being formed today between tribal peoples of different nations. There are scores of organizations such as "World Indigenous Sciences Network" which are New Age, and are working to build bridges between the native cultures in diverse lands.

Read what Dr. Locke writes about the terrible problem of alcohol abuse amongst aboriginals:

"Since 1967, the destruction of Aboriginal Culture, families, and individual lives has accelerated, just as it did for the Native Americans, as booze poured into bodies and the spirit of the people poured out in blood and pain. Western medicine, Aboriginal Alcoholics Anonymous and the Christian churches have made little headway against the tide of misery."

Here Dr. Locke shows the problem of alcohol abuse, but declares that "the Christian churches" are powerless!

The answer to all the problems of the aboriginals is shown in the article to be "the old ways" of ancient tribal beliefs:

The Native Americans called a halt to the ministrations of their governments and returned to the places of their forebears, there to ask for inspiration. It came in the form of the wisdom of the elders. A return to the earth and a celebration of the values which preceded Western colonization gave new hope, new roots and new identity to those who had descended into the hell of welfare dependency and alcoholism.... A whole new breed of "Treatment Centers" has arisen at the spiritual centre. Native Americans have revived the Sun Dance, the sweat lodge and many other powerful rituals which now serve to stem the tide of alcoholism. The elders and healers have acquired new dignity, reminiscent of the old ways. In Aboriginal Australia, the same pattern is emerging.

Strong Voices for Restoring the Heathen Tribal Religions.

"SCIENTIFIC ELDERS" recently had an international conference on the environment and economic development in MOSCOW, which was attended by religious, political and scientific leaders from eighty three nations. A public statement, entitled "Preserving and Cherishing the Earth: An Appeal for Joint Commitment in Science and Religion", was issued. Those who signed this statement were WESTERN SCIENTISTS, the most influential and respected scientists of the 1990's. Including astronomers Carl Sagan, Freeman Dyson, physicist Hans Bethe, atmospheric scientist Stephen Schneider and biologists Peter Raven, Roger Revelle and Stephen Jay Gould.

The statement represents an urgent appeal for a joint alliance between the world's religious and scientific leaders to forge a new, scientifically compatible ethos that might preserve and cherish the Earth. ["Wisdom of the Elders" Peter Knudston & David Suzuki].

Yes, the world's pagan religions and the scientific, humanistic leaders ARE coming together, and they are agreeing entirely on these things:

To "preserve and cherish the earth needs "NEW ETHOS". In other words, new ethics, new rules, new belief systems which honor "THE EARTH MOTHER, GODDESS GAIA.

Psalm 2 KJV - Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his Anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my King upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.

MADAME HELENA BLAVATSKY wrote in the last century:

"Unless we mistake the signs, the day is approaching when the world will receive the proofs that only ancient religions were in harmony with nature, and ancient science embraced all that can be known." (Isis Unveiled, Vol.1, p.38).

This founder of the Theosophical Society has spread her doctrines to the heads of our world today. The United Nations is a THEOSOPHICAL RELIGIOUS BODY of the New Age New World Order.


"[Weekend Australian 5:12:92]
Matthew Fox, [apostate Catholic Priest] director of the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality, in California, one of the top leaders in this New World take-over, has much to say about the relation between `Mother Earth' and native religions. [ Strong associations with the Uniting Anglican, and Catholic Churches]

Fox writes of the New Age New World Order beliefs about 'Mother Earth' and the religions of the tribal peoples in his book, 'The Coming of the Cosmic Christ'.

Fox believes the earth is dying partly because the tribal religions are dying. Mankind has an urgent task, according to Fox. That task is to strengthen and support the tribal religions.

He writes:

The first meaning of the warning, 'Your mother is dying,' can be taken in reference to Mother Earth. That the earth is our mother is a deeply held truth among native peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Among Europeans, the teachings of the great Benedictine abbess of the twelfth century, Hildegard of Bingen, stand out: 'The earth is at the same time mother, she is mother of all that is natural, mother of all that is human. She is the mother of all, for contained in her are the seeds of all' [HB,58]..."

Fox goes on:

The oldest religions on our planet are not the 'great world religions' of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, but the religions of the native peoples of the Americas, Africa, ancient Europe, Australia, Polynesia, and Asia. In these religions one finds deep memories of what essayist Frederick Turner calls 'aboriginal mother love.'

These religions arose in cultural periods that were matrifocal. They reverenced Mother Earth and her fruitfulness: they were nondualistic in their celebration of the 'sacred hoop' that binds all creatures and gifts of the earth together - the rock people, the cloud people, the tree people, the finned ones, the winged ones, and the two-legged ones. By following the cycles of seasons and harmonizing with the wisdom of Mother Earth they shared in the family of creation.

Aboriginal mother love was imperiled by Europeans schooled in hatred of creation and sacralization of dualism. The Great Mother archetypes of native peoples everywhere have been practically exterminated by patriarchal holocausts and colonialism.

There is Spider Woman and White Buffalo Woman in the Americas; there is Gaia and Athena in Europe; there is Oshun and Yemaya [among others] in Africa; there is Sophia in Greece and Shekinah in Israel.

Aboriginal mother love is in us the mother principle. Without Spider Woman no creation would ever take place. The goddess in everyone has been dying, along with creation, Mother Earth, and wisdom. So said my dream."

Extract: "The Coming of the Cosmic Christ", pp. 13, 24, 27

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