The following article provides helpful advise to people who would like to recover from substance abuse. During prohibition there was a national movement to change the name of the Rum River. At the time, a lot of people did not want a river's name to be an unintentional and indirect advertisement for the addictive substance rum. National leaders of organizations that are working to curb alcohol abuse have contacted our director and given their support for our effort to change the "Rum" River's current name.

How to Get the Help You Need When You're New to Recovery

When you seek help with recovery from drug addiction, you’ll find that there are many different types of treatments you can explore. Some treatment types focus on retraining your mind, while others help heal your body and soul. Educating yourself on all the options available to you is the first step in figuring out what’s best for you on your journey to recovery.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

It’s not just professional help that will keep you on the right track–support from your friends, family, and other positive people can help your healing process, too.

One of the best ways to surround yourself with healthy people is to join a club or group based on a certain physical activity. Staying active is a crucial part of your recovery, as physical activity has countless benefits for your mental and physical health. Swimming is a great exercise option for those in recovery. Being in the water can be very soothing. It’s low impact making it a good choice for people with chronic pain. And it also helps improve mood and sleep habits.

When you throw your energy into excelling at a certain activity and make it a priority to surround yourself with helpful people, you’re committing yourself to a healthy and wholesome future.

Explore Your Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of your past with substance abuse, you’ll want to decide between
inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment.

With inpatient treatment, you’ll live in a facility that will allow you to focus on your recovery without any distractions. With outpatient treatment, you’ll attend regular counseling appointments at a treatment center or hospital.

Group therapy is often available for both of these types of patients and can help you connect with others with similar experiences. If you’re in need of intense medical care during your recovery journey, it’s best to participate in an inpatient program where you can benefit from medical supervision.

And consider that depending on your circumstances you may need specialized treatment. For example, members of the LGBTQ community
often face unique challenges when it comes to addiction so it may be best to seek treatment from an organization that is familiar with those challenges.

Consider a Service Dog

The unconditional love that dogs are capable of can be a powerful source of positivity on your road to recovery. Most people are aware that dogs are used to help the physically disabled, but did you know that dogs are incredibly useful for treating mental illness as well?

Especially for those experiencing depression, anxiety, and addiction, being around a dog can help boost your mood, improve your communication skills, and even help you grow compassion for yourself as you heal.

Remember that when it comes to recovery, you’re not alone. There’s plenty of people–professional and not–that can play some positive role in your journey. Reach out to these people regularly and you’ll soon realize that a happy, healthy lifestyle is just around the corner.

Jackie Cortez works closely with The Prevention Coalition
and helps gather official, informative resources dealing with substance abuse and addiction. It is her hope that this information can help anyone whose life has been affected by substance abuse. Outside of bringing awareness to this topic, Jackie likes to relax when she can, whether it’s enjoying a good book or playing with her dog.


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