Science And Reason Have Exposed Christianity As A Hoax

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

Today, the great multitudes of Christians located all around the world believe that thousands of years ago, a supernatural entity ("God") telepathically spoke to His prophets and told them about (1.) "religious reality" that they and their people should base their religious doctrines on, and about (2.) future events that would occur within these prophets' lifetimes, and also future events that would occur hundreds of years later, and even thousands of years later.

There is evidence that this supernatural entity ("God") really exists. The events that He predicted would occur in the lifetimes of His prophets occurred, and the predictions that He made about future events that would occur hundreds of years after His prophets had died have occurred, and the signs that He predicted would occur just prior to the establishment of His prophesied to come end-time "Antichrist" New World Order have occurred.

In respect to the Bible prophesied coming New World Order, Pope Benedict XV wrote: "A world government shall arise, all national loyalties will be vanquished, there will inevitably follow a reign of terror."

Today, there is a "falling away" from the Christian faith occurring in Europe, and there is evidence that it is beginning to occur in America. A Bible scripture predicted that this "falling away" would occur just prior to the establishment of the end-time "Antichrist" New World Order, which is predicted in the Bible to be composed of an, in effect, one-world religion (i.e., a one-world spiritual philosophy), world economic system and world government.

The "falling away" (or "great apostacy") is occurring today because new scientific discoveries have proven that the "religious reality" presented in the Bible by the prophets of the supernatural entity who Christians refer to as "God" is fundamentally deceptive. So, we have evidence of a real supernatural entity that, by way of His prophets, established a religious hoax, or false religion.

There is no reason to believe that His ("God's") predicted to come end-time "Antichrist" New World Order will not be established in the near future. However, because it has been scientifically proven that He ("God") is a deceiving hoaxer, everyone who believes in the truth should, I believe, conclude that the coming end-time "Antichrist" New World Order is not "evil", but is actually something that is very good.

Back in the days of Galileo Galilei (15641642) scientists discovered that the "word of God" did not always tell the truth. Robert Bellarmine, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and the foremost Vatican theologian of the seventeenth century, wrote: "But to affirm that the Sun is really fixed in the center of the heavens and that the Earth revolves very swiftly around the Sun is a dangerous thing, not only irritating the theologians and philosophers, but injuring our holy faith and making the sacred scriptures false."

A statement in an on-line encyclopedia article reads: There is no physical evidence that Adam and Eve ever literally existed, and their literal existence is incompatible with human evolutionary genetics [or, incompatible with modern-day scientifically discovered truth]. And in a National Geographic video its narrator said (time-frame 45:00-46:00) there is "one scientific Adam. This is not the man that God creates back in Genesis." There is at least 90,000 years separating scientific Adam and scientific Eve. By conducting modern-day DNR and Y chromosome scientific studies, scientists have discovered that today's human population did not originate from a single couple.

A statement in a Christianity Today article reads: So is the Adam and Eve question destined to become a groundbreaking science-and-Scripture dispute, a 21st-century equivalent of the once disturbing proof that the Earth orbits the sun?

The National Academies of Sciences says "evolution is a fact." Evolution since the origins of complex life forms has been violent, brutal and extremely cruel. The origins of complex life forms began hundreds of millions of years before the first human beings came forth on earth. Christians believe in an omnipotent creator God. However, an omnipotent deity who chose evolution by natural selection, known colloquially as "survival of the fittest," as the means by which to bring about the array of living creatures that populate the Earth today would be a cruel sadistic monster.

Hindus, Gnostics and New Agers believe in a loving deity and understand that there is also a corrupt creator entity who created the universe. In an on-line letter to the editor of mine titled Evolution and creation a statement reads: Evolution destroys the "loving Creator" on which the whole of Christianity depends.


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