Old Testament God's Evil Directive To Christians Is Responsible For Native Land Theft

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

On March 22, 2017, the following letter to the editor was published in the Mille Lacs Messenger, a Minnesota county newspaper.

Based on the Bible

In 1832, the U.S. Supreme Court used a 15th century Roman Catholic Church colonial doctrine, a doctrine that European Catholic monarchs and other Catholic influenced monarchs used to formulate their colonization policies, to assert that the United States, as the successor of Great Britain, had inherited possession of all Indigenous Peoples' lands within the newly claimed boundaries of the U.S.. The doctrine that I am referring to is called the Doctrine of Christian Discovery. It is based on an Old Testament scripture.

Indigenous Peoples' cultural rights, including their fundamental human right to be free and independent sovereign nations on their own lands, were violated by the colonial Christians obeying their Old Testament God's evil directive. Psalm 2 KJV. says: "I [Jehovah] shall give thee [Christians] the heathen [Indigenous Peoples] for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel."

[The International Organization for Self-Determination and Equality (IOSDE) recently posted a press release entitled, United Nations Declares The Holy See Legally Responsible and Accountable To Indigenous Peoples For Effects and Legacy Of Racist Colonial Bulls And Doctrines. The press-release is about the Apache-Ndé-Nneé Working Group Shadow Report/UN-CERD 88th Session: Review of the Holy See.]

One Apache-Ndé-Nneé Working Group Shadow Report statement reads: The Holy See's Inter Caetera not only blessed policies and practices of colonialism that caused what is expressed by Indigenous Peoples themselves as genocide, cultural genocide, and generations of suffering, slavery and loss, but it also put policies and practices into action, such as, but not limited to, through its own missionaries and missions, churches and subsequent schools, that operated and continue to operate in alliance with Kingdoms and subsequently States for own mutually-collective world dominance and at the cost of Indigenous Peoples and their lands, lives, self-determination and cultures.

"The United Nations (UN) Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has recognized that the Doctrine of Discovery, the Holy See's Inter Caetera and related Papal Bulls are within the legal scope of racial discrimination under International Law and therefore require redress." - IOSDE

In his article entitled "Our Lenape Ancestors Were Slaughtered At Bowing Green Massacre" Steven Newcomb, an Indigenous activist, wrote:

"The doctrine of Christian domination, as used by the United States, in the name of U.S. 'law,' argues that our nations are rightfully subject to the ideas and rules developed by the 'first Christian people' to 'discover' the non-Christian lands of 'natives, who were heathens' (U.S. Supreme Court’s wording). According to the Oxford English Dictionary, 'heathen' is 'a word of Christian origin,' which means it is a word of biblical origin used by the Supreme Court."

"How has the United States managed to get away with officially using doctrines of Christian Fundamentalism and the Bible to claim a right of ownership in relation to our lands and territories? Answer: They claim a 'right of domination' over our nations and peoples based on the Chosen People/Promised Land model of the Old Testament. In other words, because the Bible told them so."

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer
Wahkon, Minnesota

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Foreword: The above letter to the editor was originally a post of mine on Constance Cumbey's blog. After the post was displayed on Cumbey's blog I wrote and sent a commentary post on it. This commentary of mine is presented below. Cumbey's #1 best-selling book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983) offered the first major criticism of the New Age movement from a Christian perspective.

Commentary: I believe that I am in the prophetic forefront of the large world-wide New Age movement and that as this movement progresses toward reaching its goal Indigenous Peoples around the world will be set free from their oppressive subjugated status imposed upon them by the international legal construct known as the Doctrine of Christian Discovery.

Pope John Paul ll wrote: "It [the New Age spiritual philosophy] is only a new way of practicing Gnosticism..." Ancient Gnostics believed what New Age Gnostics believe today. We believe that some parts of the New Testament are inspired by the true God, Jesus' "Father in Heaven", and that the Old Testament god (Jehovah) is a different god whom Jesus describes in the New Testament as being the devil-Satan. We also believe that the "snake" in the "Garden of Eden" was not Satan but Jesus, and that its appearance was Jesus' first coming, and that Jesus has descended down from Heaven two times now to set people free from Jehovah's-Satan's lies and evil directives that traditional Christians are still obeying today.


In her book The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, Cumbey warned Christians of "impending persecution" coming from the New Age movement. In the mid-1980s, these warnings were perhaps the greatest cause of troubling concern within the church.

At the time, Cumbey was a guest on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), a Global Catholic Network, which was very popular then, and now available in over 150 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories.

Constance Cumbey believes that we are in the "end-times" and that the biblical prophesied to come end-times "Antichrist" and "false prophet" are both on earth today and are currently (or will soon be) New Age leaders, and that when they are publically revealed or identifed they will then quickly usher in a new world order. In respect to the biblical prophesied to come new world order, Pope Benedict XV wrote: "A world government shall arise, all national loyalties will be vanquished, there will inevitatably follow a reign of terror."

Cumbey wrote, "I did the original work to alert the Christian world to the New Age Movement." Today, Cumbey has a blog and radio program where she continues her work. I am quite sure that Cumbey believes that the biblical prophesied to come "end-times false prophet" could very well someday appear on her blog, or has aready appeared on her blog, as a poster, and that from her blog she could be the first Christian to publically identify the "end-times false prophet," who will, along with the "Antichrist," according to the Bible, usher in a new age and new world order.


In response to my (above) commentary post, Cumbey said: Of course, I wish and even pray for Mr. Dahlheimer's conversion, but in the alternative, he is an excellent "Exhibit A" of the obvious -- not so hidden dangers of the New Age Movement -- rainbow and all.


A related post of mine on Cumbey's blog reads:

Thomas Dahlheimer said...

I believe that Christianity is a hoax instigated and perpetuated by Jehovah-Satan and that he has known the future for a long time, and that he therefore knew that, both, (1.) in the end-times a scientific discovery would prove that corruption and death (evil) came into the world when life on earth began three and one-half billion years ago and not when "the first human (Adam) sinned [as stated in the Garden of Eden myth]," and that (2.) at the time of this scientific discovery, great multitudes of Christians would leave the Christian faith.

I also believe that because Jehovah-Satan knew these two things would happen, he therefore decided to perpetuate the Christian hoax by "warning" Christians that there would come a time of a "great falling away" from the faith and that, at the time, a movement would be established that would eventually produce a "false prophet" and "Antichrist" who would, together, usher in a New World Order, comprised of a one-world religion, government and economic system, and that this New World Oder would be evil, and that Jesus Christ would, not long after its establishment, come down from Heaven and destroy it and then establish his perfect kingdom on earth.

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