My Indian Country Today Media Network letters and article comments are presented below. Many of my comments are on Steven Newcomb's articles.

Sparking change in Minnesota
A new paradigm?
'Old' principle in action
Supports restitution
Disparity feeds injustice
Set U.S. Indigenous Peoples Free
Sacred Dakota Ancestral Homeland at Mille Lacs Lake
Bible verses advocate genocide against pagan/heathen natives
U.S. and States should establish Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
On Neo Conservatives
American Colonialism
The Perfect Man
Basic Human Right
Pope Francis, Fr. Serra And My Comment On An ICTMN Article

Christian Doctrine
Changing name of Rum River will aid healing process
United Nations, Holy See And The Racist Doctrine of Discovery
Steven Newcomb Meets With The Pope & My Comment On An Article Of His
Old Testament Premised Arguments Still Being Used Against Native Nations
My comment on Newcomb's article presents my site's URL
Reclamation of Indigenous Peoples' Traditional Homelands And Full Sovereignty Rights
Iniatiating A Movement At Mille Lacs To Set Colonized/Subjugated Native Peoples Free
Based On The Bible
Benjamin Franklin: "Use Rum" to "Extirpate These Savages"
Chief Looking Horse Article & My Comment

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